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Since I was small, illustration always fascinated me. The ability to create worlds, capture moments and emotions has caught my interest ever since. I never stop folding away scenes for later drawings, hours watching a sunrise in late April in a bluebell wood. soaking in the trees in early leaf and the virulent purple-blue in the warm morning light.  

I also love telling stories, and being dyslexic, would marvel in the tales of Tolkien before moving onto Raymond E Feist, Terry Pratchett and later Joe Abercrombie. These stories were forgiving, with unpronounceable names and intriguing plots that would allow me to explore reading at my own pace. I discovered my love for a well-crafted tale. Reading aloud to my three kids helped me find my voice and start to think about writing my own stories.

Growing up in the UK in the late 80's, early 90's there was one dominant force in British Gaming - Games Workshop. I fell in love with the rules, the painting and scenery building, the scale of combat, the detailed stories and plot developments. Unfortunately as a romantic 14 year old, the tactical aspect of the game escaped me. My narrative games against far more competitive players left my beautiful Eldar soldiers frequently ravaged. They now sleep soundly in the loft.

It was only much later, through Critical Role that I discovered the joy of 5th Edition D&D. I had previously played Advanced D&D at 12 years old and found it over-complicated and awkward. With 5th Edition I found the balance between my love of storytelling, my bad acting, my artwork and writing. I finally felt at home.

After 15 years of teaching - where I picked up the moniker Artfather - I finally decided to scratch this itch and set up this company.  


So if you love board & roleplaying game, please take a browse of my wares. Also please support me on Patreon for free content, updates and playtesting new elements.


Tim Durham - ARTFATHER

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