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Konflikt '47

Konflikt '47 is a WW2 extension game for Bolt Action by Warlord Games.  It involves a reimagined landscape where genetic modification, mechs and zombies have changed the state of the world.

Fear of the Unknown

There are several things that I enjoy about the Konflikt '47. One is the uncomfortable ideas that aren't quite modern but have a feeling of history about them. This juxtaposition between history and sci-fi is a lovely spot for a creative, as it allows one to explore the fantastical while being rooted in some sort of reality. The friction between the real and the could've been is dynamic and creates a lovely space for story telling.


Great Sci-Fi always feels as if it could be real and the closer it gets to real history the more poignant the story.  

We are the Monsters

Konflikt '47 imagines that the invention of the atom bomb and the subsequent rift created a conduit through which an alternative future could shape the past. Therefore they develop genetic modification and mechanical suits.

This means that the WWII develops into a nightmarish world of monsters that were once human and machines built to fight in hand to hand. 

It also taps into Nikolai Tesla's research to create weapons, Alan Turing creates automatons and Stalin creates Ursus bear infantry.


A central part of WWII was the use of art to create total war. The use of film, posters, radio and books to calcify a populace behind the war is troubling. The power of an image to motivate, to entice and to cajole a population is both sinister and needed in total war. These posters really help to create a backstory and place K47 in the real world. 

Seaforth's Ladies 

Seaforth's Ladies is a wonderful short story about the exploits of Winney and his crew of brave ladies. Private Sarah May is the pin-up of the crew and I wanted to capture that motivational postcard that might have been created and handed out to the troops. 

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