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What is the Cunning Plan?

The Cunning Plan ARTFATHER™ is a D&D content creator for Youtube, Roll20 and DMsGuild. They create the show 'The Cunning Plan' on Youtube, a D&D adventure set in the world of Gehd'Serai. ARTFATHER builds modules, add-ons, settings, WARPLAY packs and Artpacks in Roll20 based upon that world. They sell additional packs of D&D copyrighted material on DMsGuild to support your gaming experience.

New to Roll20?

So you've bought a package from us but you don't know how to activate it?

To activate one of our Add-ons

  1. Go to

  2. Log in

  3. Choose the 'Games' submenu & then click 'Create New Game'

  4. Name your Game

  5. Change the Character sheet to 'D&D 5e by Roll20'

  6. Click 'I'm Ready Create Game'

  7. The Game will build

  8. In the 'Game Addons' drop-down select 'Your purchased add-on'

Now you can launch the game and follow the instructions in the journal tab (this looks like a newspaper in the top right of the screen). There are handouts and Player/GM guides to take you through your first steps.


The Cunning Plan from Artfather is a fully realised three-dimensional isometric battle map system that allows you, the GM, to build massive scenes, huge armies and diabolical plots in which to test your player characters to breaking point in Roll20. We bridge the gap between wargaming and roleplaying - Warplay.

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Welcome to Gehd'Serai

The Mystical land of Gehd'Serai is an oddity. In a world devoid of magic the inhabitants of Gehd'Serai enjoy all kinds of mystical benefits. From flying ships to eldritch storms, from the magical forests to the bubbling swamps Gehd'Serai is alive with magic, drawing in the wise and the evil and spawning all sorts of monstrosities.  Introduce yourself to Gehd'Serai for as little as $4.99 with our introductory adventure 'The Fall of Hellion'.

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