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TOR'HEL is a combination of 6 interlocking Map networks that make up the entire Tor'Hel Peninsula. Collect all six to incorporate the Forest, the Fortress, Helswharf, the Crystal Tomb, the Dragons Teeth and the slave markets and fight pits of the Goblin Encampment.


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The Forest of Tor'Hel

Release date      - APRIL 2021
Update            -  JULY 2022

An introduction to Warplay with Artfather

• A level 1 to 5 adventure: Join the Guardians of Stone as they brave the depths of the Tor’Hel Forests in search of their missing Druid, only to fall into Spiders Mazes, Infiltration missions and Storming a Fortress.

• Explore over 700,000 square feet in 6 prebuilt isometric maps.

• Storm and scale the Watchtower floor by floor.

• 7 prebuilt player character sheets: With fully integrated tokens, background materials and alliances allowing your players to jump straight into the action and become accustomed to both Roll20 and DnD.

• 15 prebuilt monsters and NPC with stat blocks: With tokens and info, enabling you, as GM to field multiple enemies with ease.

• Combine over 50 Illustrated isometric elements: Design your own woodland maps with interlocking parts that combine to create your own battle scenarios, mazes and 3D adventures.


Upcoming Packs on the Tor'Hel Peninsula

The Tor'Hel Peninsula

Kickstarter Campaign

If you like what you see here, support ARTFATHER by being part of funding the whole Peninsula!

All our sets use isometric, modular and cut away maps to offer flexibility and detail to your encounters. Hundreds of scenery elements allow you to generate towns, landscapes and battlefields. 

Play huge wargaming battles in Roll20 with your very first army of Tor’Hel Hobgoblins.

Explore the culturally complex histories of Tor’Hel, and discover the secrets that were buried far beneath the thriving streets.  

The Kickstarter will roll out from Summer 2021! 


Shar’Hel - the Tor’Hel Fortress includes: Cutaway gatehouse and keep. Three supersize castle maps & 40 pieces of scenery. 15 play-tested Hobgoblin units  that create the Tor’Hel Warhost with rules sets for mass wargaming with large forces in Roll20.

Helswharf – the Tor’Hel Docks includes: 4 Ships, NPCs, Over 40 pieces of scenery including 8 buildings, the 5 story ‘Nattering Nilbog’ Inn, NPCs, missions, intrigue, skirmishes and more as you become embroiled in the politics and passions of the treacherous back alleys of Helswharf.

The Dragon’s Teeth – the Sea Sorcerer abode includes: The 5-story tower of Ma’Ret, Goblin Sea Defences, Rope bridges. 10 new units – including mutated experiments, goblin gliders and a riveting story of betrayal, high magic and ship wrecks. 

Kald’Hel – The Goblin Encampment includes: 6 Maps including tent interiors, fight pits and slave pens, over 20 pieces of scenery, 10 new Goblin, Bugbear and Ogre units and an adventure to escape from this hellhole and reach your freedom!

The Crystal Tomb – Link up your adventures through the maze of caves, mines and sewers that undermine the whole peninsula. Come across weird and exotic beasts animated by powerful magic. Discover the secret of Tor’Hel that could save or destroy the world. 

By supporting the project you will be front row  in the development of a new way of playing DnD.

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