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Comic Book covers for the Unexpectables podcast

The Unexpectables

In April 2020 I embarked on a challenge to produce a comic cover every day for the month. The Unexpectables has always been a go-to D&D podcast for me. Their entertaining, endearing characters, devious and upsetting plots and sense of humour tickled me. This is my tribute to all their hard work.


This was a rendering challenge, I wanted to create I highly polished finish. I spent over 100 hours rendering this piece. The final look, the colour balance and the compositon I was very pleased with. I enjoyed muting the colours to create a more realistic look.

image7 (1).jpeg


New beginnings. At the start of their second campaign, the award winning Critical Role team set up their store. In this piece, I attempted to capture this moment, reflecting on the characters and scene. Trying to capture that elusive feeling of trepidation.

The Mighty Nine fighting evil

Inspired by the cinematic scale of a battle, which revealed the laughing hand battling a Goristo in an underground tomb.



Growing up near Nottingham, Games Workshop and the work of John Blanche was a massive formative moment for me as an artist. I still love the 40K world but still harp back to those heady days of Rogue Trader when there wasn't 'Only War!' but everything was Kil Kil Kil, the difference being in the childish joy in which Rick Preistley et al built that world.


Over the last few years I have developed as an artist. I have always had a love of composition and colour but I have found myself developing a fascination with creating fantastical realities in my work. To do this I have spent a lot of time working throughj the work of Jame Gurney and studying artists from the golden age of illustration. The beauty with painting digitally is the ability to work up textures and develop light sources but knowing how different substances work under different colours, where light bounces and reflects and how skin works in a complex and at time baffling process. 

AI art can render these images quickly and securely but it can only build on what is already there, to go beyond that is not yet possible.

Check out my Instagram for more work: www.instagram/artfather78

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